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Key Duplication

We Are Your Local Key Maker That Can Duplicate All Types of Keys On-Site

car key duplication service

At Noble Locksmith, we keep keys in stock for same day service. We’ll come to you!

Keeping key duplication simple and convenient is our specialty at Noble Locksmith of Tupelo. Our mobile locksmith service covers our home base of Tupelo, MS, and also Lee, Monroe, and other nearby counties. We make precision copies of keys for high-security deadbolts, residential doorknob locks, antique cars, safes, boats, RVs, and more. We’re the experts to call, so you’re never down to that one key you can’t afford to lose! Our local, professional, and well-trained locksmith will come to you in a Noble Locksmith van outfitted with all the tools, equipment, and hardware necessary to tackle whatever lock and key service you need. We use quality hardware and parts that we guarantee and warranty along with our skilled labor. Our customers don’t ask where to get keys made, they just call us because they know they’ll get keys they can count on.

Car Key Copy Service

Our key duplication service is especially helpful for drivers since today’s vehicles need more than just key cutting to get them going. We make keys cut by code, laser cut keys, chip keys, transponder head keys, fobs, and remotes for a wide variety of domestic and foreign vehicles. We stock a wide variety of key, fob, and remote blanks and have the necessary key-cutting and programming equipment in our van. Once we’ve cut your new keys and programmed your fob or remote we’ll test them out to make sure they work correctly. In addition to car keys, we also make keys for everything from RVs and boats to aircraft and tubular keys. Our keys are made fast and precisely, so you can get a backup before a trip and count on it while you’re on the road.

Remotes and Transponders for Modern Cars

car key cutting in truck copy

Not only do we have the keys in stock but we also have specialized computerized key cutting machines.

Whether you realize it or not, your modern car has an onboard computer that communicates with your key and/or fob and remote every time you unlock the car and turn it on. Our car locksmiths can cut and program these types of chip and transponder head keys as well as remotes to go with them. You may find that even if you don’t lose your keys and remotes, having a backup is wise in case of breakage or damage.

Durable Home and Business Keys

Everyone wants home and business keys that work well and last for many years. Made by our expert locksmith out of top-quality key stock, our office and house keys will stand up to heavy use. We can copy and originate (make from scratch when an original isn’t available) all types of keys including desk keys, file cabinet keys, laser-cut keys for commercial-grade high-security locks, and keys for basic padlocks.

Specialty Keys

If you live in a home from the early 20th century or older, you may have doors, cabinets, chests, and other locks that use skeleton keys. If you need copies of these old-style keys we can make them so your old locks become functional again and you can have some extras on hand. Other types of antique keys are available from our skilled locksmith as well, perfect for your inherited treasures or items you’ve bought at antique shops.

We Always Come To You!

As a 100% mobile locksmith, our mobile key duplication service always comes to you. From car keys new and old to all types of keys for your office and home, you can count on us for prompt, highly-skilled, courteous, and affordable key duplication service. When it comes to automotive keys, fobs, and remote duplication and programming we also beat the dealerships on convenience AND price. Call us today for a quote or to schedule an appointment.

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